Installation - Denmans Cove

Having only recently passed my drivers licence(!) I'm not keen on making the 2 hr trip down to Tasman Peninsula by myself (especially on the bumpy dirt road to the depot) so I usually car pool with someone working on the project. It's always interesting chatting to people on the trip there and back, and the drive down today with the Mountain Trails crew turned out to be a problem solver as well. I'd seen their beautiful stone track work at Cape Hauy, and knowing they were already on site, I asked if they'd be up for making and installing my stone nest for me (take two). Yes! 

But today's trip was to install the work at Denman's Cove. The work components had already been flown in to a site 500m from the install location, along with barrows, tools, materials and large bags of gravel. I just had to meet the Parks boat at Stewart's Bay along with a few other staff to be taken over to the site. 

How could you not be happy going to work on such a beautiful day?! 

Lucky for me I had a team of people there to get things done because it was a very long day and bloody hard work.  being nesting season for the Eagles it meant helicopter drops weren't possible to the beach so we had to carry or barrow everything from the drop site to the work location -