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Thanks Wikipedia. I just learned something new… For the Public Good. I like that!

Its nice to volunteer to do the odd design job to help out a friend or support a good cause – gives you that warm fuzzy feeling and you know that your efforts are truly appreciated.

I try to give these projects as much time and consideration as I would a paid project. Its a great challenge to design for organisations or events with limited resources. Designs need to be flexible, user friendly and

I’ve had fun with a couple of projects lately…

The first – an mini identity for Taroona Seaside Festival.  It’s my first year of having school-age children and it never takes long for committees to figure out where your talents lie!

I spend literally hours drawing ‘families’ with June so the illustration for this poster was just a progression from these drawings. I also have a bit of a nostalgic passion for seaside festivals so gave it a bit of a retro spin with the Sailor Jerry-esque adornments!

School children we supplied with black and white versions to colour in and for those more adventurous, a ‘blank’ version to design their own poster.

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