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Product catalogue, 2009

This ‘zine-style publication was designed to showcase the Selle Royal 2010 saddle range.

Bike culture is evolving, and increasingly people are wanting to personalise their ride to suit their needs and lifestyle from their saddle to their basket. This was the starting point for a campaign that takes the audience from the streets of Shanghai to the stunning Helsinki countryside.

6 photographers from around the world were commissioned to photograph a ‘day in the life’ of a person with their bike. With contributions coming from Sydney, Shanghai, Munich, London, San Francisco and Helsinki, the fascinating and varied stories were told in a series of full bleed image spreads with minimal copy and all product info in the final pages.

Alex was also commissioned to photograph the Sydney component of the project. Thanks to Emma Grubb for being such an enthusiastic and patient participant!

In collaboration with Kerrigans Way