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The Calendar again. What a great project to work on. This year Goppion (client) and Fabio Fedrigo (creative director) suggested a photographic approach. Portraits of coffee drinkers. Great – a challenge! The first idea was to ask friends to take a phone self portrait with their favorite coffee cup, but while I had some enthusiastic responses the results were too varied. So I pulled out my (not so) trusty Canon and made a few calls to friends and friends of friends. Lucky for me there is a high proportion of really interesting people (modestly) willing to be photographed within a stones throw of my studio. Artists, travellers, students, curators, blacksmiths, kitchen gardeners… The past 3 weeks have seen a lot of pastries, a lot of coffee and a LOT of photo processing (the less fun part). The calendar only appears in Europe but I plan to produce a limited edition box set of all the best shots for participants and helpers via clever Sydney company ‘Origami.

As the calendar hasn’t been released yet I’d better hold off on publishing any of the images…so for now here’s what my friends were drinking…

Next job like this I buy myself a new camera!

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