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I’m pleased to say that one of my favorite projects of 2012 was installed recently and I’m really happy with the result.

Martin (Architect and mate of 30 odd years) and I took a trip up the coast to install the final panel of this external artwork and to make sure all was sitting as it should. Martin did all the hard work while I held the panel in place and waited for the adhesive to set. It was a little nerve-wracking battling gale-force winds but the panel held fast, and was dusted off just in time for Jonathan Wherrett to arrive and work his magic with the camera.

For his images and more on the work see projects.


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I’m happy to say that we’ve completed the public art project at DPaC and it can now be seen in the services corridor of the Department of Premiere and Cabinet offices in Hobart.

Thanks to all involved for your patience and efforts!

For a few words about the work see the overview on our projects page.


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A few pics of the painted panels ready to be installed as part of our residential project on the east coast.
Superfinish Auto did a great job and the high gloss auto paint looks fantastic.


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Reach is a study of patterns in nature and the built environment.

It’s a project we have been working on with Arts Tasmania for the past 6 months as part of the Tasmanian Government Art Site Scheme and I went in to the Department of Premier and Cabinet this week (the location of the work) to check  progress…

The panels are looking great – just some minor adjustments to be made and a wall to be painted and its done!

I snapped a few details and will post shots of the final work and a bit more information in the coming weeks.


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We’ve been working on some exciting larger-scale private works recently.

Today we drove out to Tea Tree to Acme Engineering to have a look at progress on a set of aluminium panels that have been custom cut and perforated for a project – a large exterior wall piece for a new home on the East Coast.

I really enjoy the whole process of working with architect/engineer/builder/car detailer…and there will be detailing, although not of the flame or naked lady type – just some nice bold hits of glossy automotive paint. Its an opportunity to learn, problem solve and meet people who are really good at what they do. Always inspiring.

It was great to see the panels and talk through the finer details of painting and installation.

All going smoothly the work should be complete and installed by mid feb.


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I really enjoy working with Sydney based Team Event and Goldman Sachs on their corporate dinner invitations.

The latest being for an evening with chef Matt Moran.

Matt Moran Invitation

Matt Moran Invitation

and another with chef  Ezard.

Teague Ezard Invitation
Teague Ezard Invitation
Teague Ezard Invitation
Teague Ezard Invitation

Wish I was on the receiving end of one of these, but for now I’m happy to be on the creating end!


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I’ve wanted to learn how to print with letterpress for years so its been fantastic doing the course at the Tasmanian Polytechnic.

The course has ended now and I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in type, printing or traditional craftsmanship. Contact the Polytechnic for more info.

While I was there I FULLY took advantage of the knowledge and skill of Gil and Nathaniel. I had a few projects I wanted to print and they were wonderfully enthusiastic and helpful.

As part of the recent Imagination Partner project I produced a limited edition of letterpress prints based on the Woven Image Zip & Quiz range by Amy Saunders…

and an invitation…pink. We printed this on the Chandler and Price. Essentially the same press as our recent purchase and a beautiful piece of equipment.


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I dropped by artist (and friend) Nick Blowers’ studio this week to take a few promotional pics for him.

His studio is a botanical and zoological treasure trove …


Calculations to determine how much money we spend on coffee annually


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Have just finished a new collection of illustrations for Goppion Caffe’s 2013 calendar. Here’s a peek – with the calendar due to be released later this year.



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Wandered past this one on my way to Nicks studio this week. Looks like some kind of ceramic/resin infill – very nice.


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