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Happily my first project back in Tas was for the wonderful Arts Tasmania – the Tasmanian Government’s arts funding, policy and advice body.

The handbook is a practical guide for Tasmanians working in the arts and cultural sector. It provides information on opportunities and funding through Arts Tasmania’s grants and loans programs.

The 2013 book was designed to be a handy A6 pocket size. 12pt type and a simple image and text grid were adopted throughout for accessibility, easy reference and the design was conceived  to fall in line with the Tas Gov style (despite attempts to sidestep the swishy brand strip!).

The handbook is a great resource and it was a pleasure working on the project with  the team at Arts Tas.


Today I went out to Print Applied Technology’s factory for a press check on the cover. I love seeing all the equipment in action from the presses to the binders. The new presses are impressive and highly efficient but it’s the older equipment like the Heidleberg letterpress that I’m really interested in. While they aren’t really used for traditional letterpress printing any more they are still used for foil stamping and die-cutting. Each operator is so knowledgeable and experienced in their field – I really enjoyed talking with them about their work. The highlight for me though was a trip upstairs to the bookbinding room. Old presses, cast type, leathers and ‘linen’ for binding and a craftsman called Milton. His skill, attention to detail and patience are remarkable.


Thanks to Bob and Dallas for showing me around.





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