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I came across this letterpress course offered at the Tasmanian Polytechnic via OneTonneGraphic. Its a 10 week course run by Gilbert Bantoft.

Of course I jumped at the opportunity to learn a bit more about this process – I’ve had plenty of projects printed using letterpress techniques but I’ve always wanted to know how to work the presses and casting equipment myself.

So I had my first lesson yesterday and I was pretty chuffed when my first card came off the press (Adana 5 x 3 hand press).

The Ludlow casting machine looked scary but interesting…I might get brave next week and give it a go!  So much fun.

I’m sure there will be more to say on this topic…





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Just in, these letterpress invitations. Printed by The Distillery in Sydney – great job and nice people to work with.

Letterpress printed on 600gsm black card in gold ink with a black gloss foil bamboo pattern on the reverse. Gold edge painting for that final touch!

Very happy with these.


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I really like the idea of a dedicated research day each week – its a good chance to close the studio door, find a bit of inspiration and connect with others.

One of the proposals I’m working on at the moment requires some location reconnaissance work so I took myself off to the Hobart Theatre Royal for a guided tour last Friday. It is Australia’s oldest working theatre and one of its most beautiful treasures. This year it is celebrating its 175th anniversary.

Inside the theatre it is – well…theatrical. Ornate and a little bit gaudy but with a lot of lovely warmth and history. It would make and excellent location for the shoot I have in mind. More on that later…

And in contrast to this, we took a trip up Mount Wellington on the weekend to look for an appropriate location for an alternative shoot. We’re so used to seeing what have become almost cliched images of the mountain – city and docks in foreground, mountain rising up behind – but it has so many other beautiful and intriguing aspects. Its only 20 minutes or so  from the CBD but it really feels like another world.

My pics don’t do it any justice at all.


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Another outing – this time to the Tasmanian School of Art for a talk by Melbourne based typographer Stephen Banham of Letterbox.

Nice to be back in the lecture theatre and inspiring to see a studio producing such thoroughly researched, and well crafted work. He also designed an elegant letterpress poster produced for the talk which you can see being printed here and displayed here (in another guise).

Must get onto that type project previously mentioned…

Hobart Type

Maybe I’m just seeing Hobart with fresh eyes but there is a lot of beautiful type to be found.


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It was the inaugural Tasmania Advertising & Design Awards presentation last night…so on a lovely autumn evening Tony and I frocked up (ie I traded in my signature red clogs for some stupidly painful high heals) and headed down to the Waterside Pavilion, Constitution Dock. Nice folk, good wine and an opportunity to connect with other local designers and put some faces to names.

The Goppion calendar project received a nod which was nice.


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We have a quite a lot of books. Not by library standards but I did pack over 20 ‘bookies’ when we moved and that doesn’t count magazines.

Many are inherited, some thrifted, some extravagantly bought. All loved.

When it came to packing and unpacking the studio I  had to dust, re-order and browse through each and every book. Painful to watch I’m sure but very satisfying. In particular I love the older books – the typography and layouts are so simple and elegant.

Thought I’d share a few…


And from this post springs a challenge to myself… to design and print one thing each month using a font from the Studio Book of Alphabets (not stolen from the Launceston Library – a gift). I already have a use for 2 or 3…

and these lovely things…